Live Streaming

This is an exciting way to train with me. Tune into my full workshop at Studio Azalia from the comfort of your home. Be an active participant, send progress videos and get feedback.
What if I miss it? No worries—you can access it for a week after the workshop.

Next Live Streaming Workshop

Evening Primrose Choreography – 6 total hours
Feb 11, 18 & 25, Sundays
This is a sweet, beautiful, intermediate-level ATS® inspired choreography to an old Japanese poem “Evening Primrose” by Yumeji Takehisa. This choreography can be performed both as a solo piece and a group improv (I recommend Power Duet!) piece with a few simple modifications. Grab your hip shawls, knee pads and let’s dance!
3 workshops that include warm-up, lots of drills that prepare for this choreography, tips, secrets, and cool-down. 6 hours total
Cost: $100 ($6 PayPal Fees will be added.)